13 Essential Features to Add to Your Ecommerce App

Most of the time, these readymade solutions serve the purpose of the mobile app maker than a business. These are the solutions that Apple hates and rejects being published on their App Store, though so far no issues with an Android app. To oversimplify app creation, the vendor platforms create cloned copies of generic templates.

ecommerce mobile app features

Being able to manage their order through the app with things like delivery and returns tracking, the customer will feel more in control and engaged with the buying process. If a customer needs to return an item to you, having returns tracking on your app will help this process go much smoother. Just like on your website, you should enable customers to access and leave reviews for products on your app too. Customer reviews are a driving force for eCommerce and benefit you in terms of providing more information about products, too.

A quick registration process to retain the user

Essentially, CTA is a direction you give your mobile users for the purpose of converting them into your customers. Nowadays, the importance of UI has grown exponentially and many businesses are increasing their efforts regarding UI, as it may improve the user’s experience. A good piece of advice is to enable users to register using their Facebook account. As much as this benefits them and saves their precious time, it benefits you as well. On the Internet, there are numerous possibilities to reach the target group. While able to build a well-performing business from the first moment, the retailer is, willingly or not, competing with the biggest and most renowned players on the digital market.

  • No matter what your product is, you must facilitate mobility for people to reach them!
  • Remember that customer service is no longer ‘a nice to have’, it’s definitely a must.
  • This speeds up the onboarding process and makes it easier for your customers to purchase the product.
  • Mobile commerce software can be a platform for retailers to aid customers in their shopping experience.
  • Many online businesses offer their customers to install an app and use it every time they purchase at the online store.

And, I need to integrate with major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and YouTube. When users share their brand experience through social media, my business gains, probably the most powerful marketing and brand push there since no marketing tactics can beat word of mouth. These are app development platforms for developers who do the coding to build apps. So, they’re not for non-techie business owners without coding knowledge. First, my business requirements won’t fit into a premade solution.

Essential eCommerce analytics to measure performance

It’s predicted that if your eCommerce app still has old and traditional features, You will no longer be surviving in the future. Speaking of Augmented reality how can we restrain from talking about Metaverse; this hot chick is a revolutionary concept that’s changing the dynamics of online shopping. According to a recent survey around one-third of shoppers in the United States will have used AR-powered technologies when buying products online by end of 2025. Allowing customers to sign up or log in through email, phone numbers with OTP, and even third-party accounts like Google, Facebook, and Linkedin will optimize the registration procedure. Push notifications are great if used well, but they are intrusive. Users are still getting used to them and not everyone is keen on getting push notifications from every app that they use.

ecommerce mobile app features

Sell your items individually and as packages with multiple items included. You as a business owner or manager can only see what value a feature can bring to your business operation – no one else. Define & dynamically handle your Surcharges, Shipment, Taxes, Tips, and Gratuity charges and costs according to your business needs. Built-in online chat assistant that can chat in your customer’s language.

Step 5. Create UX&UI design

In many cases, product recommendations may save you from losing a customer. Often does the customer check out a product but decides not to buy it. Before they delve into shopping, they would like to see some realistic testimonials from already existing customers. Social proof indicates that the products and business overall are legitimate and high-quality. For instance, if the user is on the product page and sadly, he-s not able to make a purchase at the moment, you might need to incorporate CTA, for example, “Add to Wishlist”.

To find an answer to “How to build an ecommerce app effectively”, you have to consider so many things right, from its ease of navigation to accessibility and technology stack. Companies can use the followers and authority of relevant influencers to promote their products and raise their visibility by collaborating with them. This strategy may encourage users to shop on mobile commerce platforms, increasing income. Influencer marketing can also assist companies in growing consumer relationships and long-term brand loyalty. Developing scalable mobile apps that enable you to adapt as your customer base expands and changes are crucial to any digital-first strategy and essential to enterprises’ survival. The introduction of eCommerce has already marked a significant advancement in how we shop.

Customer reviews

Handling such sensitive data requires trust; hence, you need to ensure the safekeeping of this trust by proactively eliminating all kinds of security vulnerabilities. For example, only premium subscription users ecommerce mobile app features have access to certain services. Remember I told you about the product features that should take top priority? MVP stage is precisely where you need to focus on the most vital features of your eCommerce app.

Even, the expectation in the mobile shopping experience in this pandemic time is changing slowly to more value than just happy shopping online. By utilizing consumer data and insights, businesses can focus on promotions and discounts specific to each client’s interests and behavior. This strategy can boost sales, foster more significant customer interaction, and foster greater customer loyalty.

Cost to Build a Mobile e-commerce App

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to measure click-through rates, user session times, cost of conversion etc. Once a customer has downloaded your app chances are they will likely use it again. But, by providing highly personalized loyalty and membership rewards to your app users, you can cultivate this relationship further still. Ask your customers at registration if they’re happy to be notified in the future. Consumers are more likely to accept this offer without the need to input an email address here, too.

ecommerce mobile app features

Easier maintenance – instead of building releases and updates, the React Native based apps use Hot Reloading system that enables engineers to rewrite the app on the go in DevOps-like manner. We are Factory — a remote-first company focused on executing the most complex digital business transformations based on Pimcore technologies. Having hundreds of different wishlists from different customers will help you in several ways. Whether you’re rewarding them with discounts or free products — it’s a good way to go. This type of push notifications may be the most important for you as an eCommerce retailer. They often get mistaken for messages, but the key difference is that push notifications are usually shorter.

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